Why Is Preventative Healthcare Important For The Elderly?

Preventative Healthcare Important For The Elderly | Better Life Senior Solutions

Despite a lot of improvements in the medical industry, chronic diseases will continue to be an area of concern for most old-aged individuals. So, to effectively protect the elderly, preventive care will have to be even more strict.

Regular medical screenings, as well as check-ups, are required for seniors over the age of 65. Here comes the role of home health care for seniors. It will help to lower the risk of pre-existing medical conditions, as well as delay the onset of certain diseases.

If you have old-aged members in your family, then it is normal to be concerned about their health. To ensure their protection, you can choose to opt for services related to personal care home for seniors.

In this guide, we will talk about some important medical screenings for your senior family members which you should be well aware of:

Important Medical Screenings Tips for Senior

Height And Weight

Both the mobility as well as the metabolism of people slow down as they become older. Obesity is more likely to occur when there is reduced movement. So, by going for regular weight checks, it is possible to prevent obesity along with its associated problems. Regular height tracking in the case of women can aid in the detection of osteoporosis, which is caused by low bone density.

Blood Pressure Or BP

In the present day, hypertension can be called one of the most serious medical conditions. It is the leading cause of mortality in persons over the age of 65. Also, it is regarded as one of the risk factors for heart disease. Currently, many people are suffering from hypertension. This condition develops as people age, creating artery blockages as well as poor blood circulation.

So, those who are over 65 years of age should get regular BP or Blood Pressure checks for monitoring their health. And, if diagnosed, the patient should take proper medicines as prescribed by a medical practitioner to normalize the BP.


All over the world, a large population of people is suffering from diabetes. This condition can become risky if any old-aged individual gets this. So, for those who are more than 65 years of age, it would be a good idea to get blood tests done once every year.

This test is recommended to be done more regularly for those who have a family history of obesity, hypertension, or/and diabetes.

Hearing And Vision

Sensory organs such as the eyes as well as ears get dull with aging. Hearing loss is frequent among the elderly, and it’s a good idea to get your ears tested once every two years. Regular eye tests can aid in the early detection as well as treatment of eye disorders. Those who are more than 65 years should get their eyes checked once a year to screen for age-related disorders.

Final Verdict

I hope, that all of the above-discussed information has given you a better understanding of the screenings as well as tests that elderly individuals need. As you already know, prevention is always better than the cure and so, it is very important to adopt preventive healthcare measures especially whenever you have senior family members in your house. Opt for the best services related to home care services for seniors today.

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